Ideas of Middle East (KAW)

To Everyone:

We’re going to share some ideas about the Middle East on this second post!

(What do you know about Middle East?)

Hanjoo: The weather is really hot and have many deserts. Middle East is famous for oil production. There are also wars/conflicts/kidnapping/terror. There are also a lot of natural resources.

Helen: There are a lot of deserts. Produces a lot of oil.

(What do you assume?)

Hanjoo: Apartheid had happened. The are three main religiouns in Middle East. They might use child labor.

Helen: Some countries are poor. More wars happened there than other places.

(What do you want to learn about M.E.?)

Hanjoo: what cause the wars or conflicts in M.E. and what kind of governments are in the countries.

Helen: the culture of different countries and different landforms.