Where Do You Want to Visit?

To Everyone:

If you get a chance to go to the Middle East, where do you want to go or where do you want to go again?

Helen: I would like to visit Dubai because it’s a beautiful city and there are a lot of shopping malls (I love shopping! 😀 ). It’s also one of the place to visit when traveling to the Middle East.

Hanjoo: I want to visit Dubai because it’s a beautiful city. I agree with Helen, too!




This video is about Dubai World Island from YouTube.

To Everyone who wants to Know Something About Dubai:

The famous World Islands in Dubai was man-made. They are indeed beautiful, but with the islands that geographically don’t belong there, will the environment change from the cause of the human activities? And will this also relate to the change of climate and global warming?

Normally, islands form over many years. If man made islands start to appear, the ocean environment might change due to the load of sand added into the sea. Fish’s homes might be damaged for islands may change the ocean currents or the temperture of sea water.

Even though the World Islands may give humans a better entertainment place, but I think people should also concider the environment when building these kind of things. 🙂